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Want to be featured? Send me an image of my work in your home or in action!

KCP Ariel_edited

An oldie at Ariel's. White Plains, NY.

"His and Hers"

Special request "His and Hers"- He likes a small black cup of coffee in the morning, while she prefers a large with cream. Greensburg, PA.

Small wall pieces hanging on Kacey and John's wall. Bedford Hills, NY.

Soda fired celadon and copper red lidded jar, 2007- holding sharpies at Jenna's. Raeford, NC

Blue Spider

Blue porcelain planter at Ariel and Brendan's place housing a baby from my plant. White Plains, NY.


Why Not?! Mug for Jenna and Mike. Raeford, NC.


Porcelain wall piece done during my first summer at MICA, hanging in Jescia's guest room. Fargo, ND.

M & K

Wedding gift to Martin & Kim. Brewster, NY.


Helen's porcelain berry bowl, Kingston, NY.

An ancient altered stoneware piece at Kacey's, made during my basic pottery class at New Paltz. Bedford Hills, NY.

Gift to my brother and sister-in-law. Bethel, CT.

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